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Why Learn With DART English?

Learn English for Business Use

DART English specialises in teaching English for use in the workplace. Therefore achieving any level of success in your chosen career is dependent not only on your experience and training. In the 21st century an ability to communicate fluently in English also helps anyone to progress up their career ladder. Learning to communicate effectively in English will give you the confidence to apply for that dream position.

Learn General English With DART

When you travel the globe, being able to speak, read, write and understand English will help you navigate airports, cities or public transport . DART English will assess your needs and design a course to meet those needs.


Courses Available

12 week class

Learn English Online for Business, conversation travel or academic achievement.

DART English provides 1:1 lessons online via your choice of communication software (Skype or Zoom etc.) Lesson duration is also the student`s choice but are normally no longer than 1 hour and no shorter than 1/2 hour. The content of these lessons is based upon your individual needs. DART English has a syllabus that is bespoke and agreed between the tutor and student. Study at your own pace and there is homework to do to consolidate the knowledge gained through the lessons. Rates on request.


About US

My Teaching Story

Since qualifying a a Registered Nurse in the 1980s and further training in management, customer service and business administration during the 2000s, David Rowden, the founder of DART English has had many years teaching and training experience. Utilising that experience and adding to it, through completing an English Literature Degree and a premium TEFL Certificate DART English provides a unique offering of education in English to all levels of students whatever their needs.