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I run this small school called DART English. An online, 1:1, adults only, English tuition service.
My speciality is business English although I am able to offer general English too. I offer all 4 aspects of English language use, speaking, writing, listening and understanding. The classes normally last an hour and ideally I like each student to do 2nhours a week, with set homework. The hourly rate varies and is dependant on the student`s financial /work situation.
I launched the school in early June with 2 students, 1 from Africa and the other an Iranian national living in Leeds.
I have loved the whole experience. Designing bespoke curricula, planning and delivering the lessons was both very engaging and enjoyable as was getting to know my students and their families.
It has given shape and structure to my days and weeks as I am semi retired.
Watch out for part two of this blog where I will be talking in more detail what a typical day/week entails, as well as the ups and down of this lifestyle’